3DX Solutions – Online meetings with multiple users in Mixed and Virtual reality


3DX solutions includes a complete package for creating and editing virtual trainings, training employees in Virtual reality with a Motion capture suit, or using Virtual Helpdesk in mixed reality with Microsoft Hololens. With an innovative Virtual Helpdesk, field workers can directly interact with technicians on the other side of earth using Virtual RDC clients and 3d holograms.


Virtual Helpdesk

3DX provides online multi-user sessions for multiple employees who can physically be around the world. They meet together in one virtual environment where they see themselves as holographic avatars. Virtual Helpdesk session can be expanded by Virtual RDC desktop where users can place multimedia content or direct stream of other computer desktop where for instance can be running any software or youtube video training in the background.


Mixed reality and interactivity

Mixed reality brings a new dimension to the industry 4.0 technical consulting. First line workers can see and place holograms of required components without the need of having physical components. Interactions such as transmitting and enlarging holograms are powered by special hand gestures in Virtual Communication sessions with other users.


This is all possible cross-platform and up to 20 concurrent users.


Supported devices: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens, PC with keyboard, mouse or gamepad, Motion Capture Suit.